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CSC190 - Computer Fundamentals and Applications

Course Information:


The course provides a basic understanding of data processing in the world of Business. It presents a contemporary view of fundamental concepts, terminology, and computer theory. Terms such as " Computer hardware and software ", " Information Systems ", and " Computer languages " are discussed and analyzed. This course also familiarizes the student with software packages and their use for the solution of business-oriented practical problems. This course is offered for non-major students only.


Theory: Computers (Long and Long, Twelfth Edition)
Practical: ECDL: The Complete Coursebook for Microsoft Office, Munnelly & Holden, Prentice Hall


Participation: 10%
Assignments/Quizzes: 10%
Mid-term Examination:
- Theory: 15%
- Practical: 20%
Final Examination:
- Theory: 25%
- Practical: 20%