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· HELP: The Herschel Extragalactic Legacy Project (HELP) intends to produce a multi-wavelength, comprehensive data set of the galaxy population at high redshift. HELP is a European Commission Research Executive Agency funded project under the SP1-Cooperation, Collaborative project, Small or medium-scale focused research project, FP7-SPACE-2013-1 scheme.

· AGT, January 2006 - December 2007. "Algorithmic Game Theory", Research Promotion Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus and French Leading Agency for International Mobility, Paris, France - Joint Program of Scientific and Technological Collaboration between France and Cyprus. (Participation under University of Cyprus partner)

·         AEOLUS, September 2005 - August 2008. “Algorithmic Principles for Building Efficient Overlay Computers", European Commission, Research Directorate, Future and Emerging Technologies Unit (FET), 6th Framework Programme on Research, Technological Development and Demonstration, Information Society Technologies Program (IST),  Integrated Project. (Participation under University of Cyprus and Research Academic Computer Technology partners)

·         DELIS, January 2004-Today. "Dynamically Evolving, Large-Scale Information Systems", European Commission, Research Directorate, FET/IST Integrated Project. FLAGS, May 2004-December 2004: “Foundational Aspects of Global Computing Systems”, EU/IST/FET/Global Computing Proactive Initiative, European Union. (Participation under University of Cyprus)

·         CRESCCO, June 2003-January 2005: “Critical Resource Sharing for Cooperation in Complex Systems”, IST project, European Union. (Participation under Research Academic Computer Technology partner)

·         ARACNE, 2000-2003: “Approximation and Randomized Algorithms in Communication Networks”, RTN project, European Union. (Participation under Research Academic Computer Technology partner)

·         ALCOM-FT, 2000-2003: “Algorithms and Complexity in Future Technologies”, IST project, European Union.

·         ALKAD, 1999-2001: “Algorithms for Mobile and Wireless communication Networks, design, analysis, implementation and experimental testing of efficient algorithms for problem in wireless communication environments”. (Participation under Research Academic Computer Technology  partner)

·         RPP, 1998-2001: “Risk Planning Process”, BRITE-EURAM project, European Union. (Participation under Research Academic Computer Technology  partner)

·         INTERREG ΙΙ, Greece-Italy, 1999-2001: Creation of a Telematics Centre in Western Greece. Ministry of National Economy, Greece. (Participation under Research Academic Computer Technology  partner)

·         ALCOM-IT, 1998-1999: “Algorithms and Complexity in Information Technology”, European Union, ESPRIT Project. (Participation under  Research Academic Computer Technology partner)







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