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Hand-in guide (back to top)

Coursework can be obtained from the relative moodle page of the course. Submissions are made on moodle. I usually ask students to submit one file only a (.ZIP) archive that will contain all relevant information for their submission.. I also require the file to be named according to the details of each student using the following convension:

name-lastname-regno-coursecode-work-number (i.e andreas-grondoudis-20132579-csc132-work-2)

Here is what I require to include in the .ZIP file when submitting:






















Student email addresses (back to top)

It is imperative that you setup your university email account. At the department of computer science and engineering the university email is the only means of official communication. Emails originating from other accounts are not replied to.

All univeristy students are provided with a university email addres. The format of the address following the following conversion:

The result based on the above, example data, would be: You should also not the following:

URL to access your email online:

login username: your email address

login password: securly sent to all student via SMS.

if you lose or forget your password contact
















Research (back to top)

My research interests include: Formal Description Techniques, Formal Methods, X-machines; Communication protocols; Software development; High Altitude Platforms, Engineering education; Computer Science education; vocational education and training




















Senior project (back to top)



















Slides (back to top)

Please note: my slides relating to lab-based courses (CSC131, CSC132, CSC135, CSC209, CSC231) might include hyperlinks to source code (or projects) . Download the .zip file and extract it somewhere. You should have a set of .ppt files and 1 folder (called source) containing all source files. In order for the hyperlinks to work proerly you have to viewing the slides show




















Microsoft Imagine (back to top)

As an academic institution the univesity has a subscription to Microsoft Imagine; a scheme about providing developement software to academic institution members for free. The department of computer science and engineering holds a 'premium' Imagine subscription which means that all student can download a variety of development tools and utilities. All you need to do is use your univeristy email account and visit the Imagine site to register and start downloading.